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When planning a new flooring installation, there are some facts you should seriously consider before choosing an installer

You have several options when it comes to deciding the best way to handle your new flooring installation and Floor Care & Interior has some facts for you

Regardless of what material you choose for your new flooring installation, you’ll need to decide who will put your new floor in place. Your obvious options include a do-it-yourself project; getting the lowest-possible price and hiring professionals who have plenty of prior experience. Which of these you decide upon will affect how much money you will spend, how the completed project will look, how long it will last, how long the project will take to complete and more. Therefore, you’ll want to make a smart decision that protects your remodeling project investment. We provide new flooring products & installation services for homeowners in Lumberton, Beaumont, Houston, Dayton, Humble and other nearby Texas areas at very attractive prices.

Flooring installation requires expertise

Today’s flooring products all require special techniques if they are to be correctly installed, and no two materials are exactly the same. At Floor Care & Interior, our experience has shown that new flooring installation is rarely a do-it-yourself project. Moreover, choosing an installer on price alone often results in unsatisfactory results and extra costs instead of the cost advantages you expected. This is why flooring product manufacturers and dealers generally recommend professional installation. It’s also important to note that many manufacturers will not honor their product warranties unless their products were professionally put in place. Putting in a new floor is anything but a simple project and is prone to many costly mistakes and delays if the installer lacks the necessary expertise. We learned this first hand by being called in to fix mistakes made by non-professional installers that homeowners chose in the belief that they would save money. In the end, the exact opposite was true!



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Mistakes affect many things –which is why a professional flooring installation is important

Believe it or not, just measuring the floor area in a room incorrectly results in mistakes such as ordering too little or too much flooring product. This is especially the case in a room that isn’t perfectly square or rectangular. And many inexperienced folks tend to forget to measure closets and other adjacent room areas. There are many other project areas that can go amiss in the hands of the wrong craftsmen. Most of these have to do with errors in the actual installation of the products; incorrect preparation of sub-flooring and failing to allow new flooring products to become acclimated to the new room’s environment prior to flooring installation. These are just a few reasons why Floor Care & Interior strongly recommends professional installation as the smartest option you can choose. We’ll be pleased to tell you much more. Phone us, e-mail us, or stop by at our showroom in Lumberton, TX at your convenience to discuss your planned flooring installation with one of our experienced professionals.