Kitchen and bath remodeling


Floor Care & Interior kitchen and bathroom remodeling will update your home and increase market value

We offer a complete range of products for your bathroom and kitchen remodel
Floor Care & Interior knows that as with other areas of the home kitchen and bathroom remodeling will eventually be necessary. We offer kitchen & bathroom remodeling to homeowners in Beaumont, Houston, Dayton, Humble, Lumberton and other nearby Texas communities.

Remodeling your kitchen

There are nearly unlimited possibilities for remodeling your kitchen. So much depends on the size of the kitchen, the type of appliances you want, the cabinet layout and of course the look and color scheme.

  • Choosing your cabinets – Cabinets are probably the first thing the eye sees when you walk into your kitchen, so making the right choice for your lifestyle is important. The color scheme and texture and design will ultimately determine how everything works together. Oh and don’t forget the accessories, like the pulls for the drawers or the knobs for the cabinet. These can change the style from contemporary to modern to traditional.
  • Choosing your countertops – It’ a toss-up of whether the cabinets or countertops are noticed first either way, your choice of countertops is equally important to your upgraded kitchen. And today there are so many choices available than when your kitchen was first built or last remodeled. Floor Care & Interior is up-to-date about all the new trends and materials such as:
    • Eco-friendly
    • Granite
    • Quartz
    • Composite
    • Butcher block



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Remodeling your bathroom

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom has many upgrades that you can choose from. And like the kitchen, size matters. If your bathroom small, just a little change can make a huge impact. You might want to consider changing to a medicine cabinet that is shallow or switching out new modern or period fixtures and lights. If you have the space, add a new vanity that will hold a second sink. If you are doing both the bathroom and kitchen at the same time, it may be very economical to use the same countertop material in the bathroom. Whether your remodeling project is large or small, Floor Care & Interior wants to work with you. Call us, e-mail us, or stop by our showroom in Lumberton, TX at your convenience to talk with one of our kitchen and bathroom remodeling specialists.